Top 5 Reasons to Fish Pike in SK

Top 5 Reasons to Fish Pike in SK - Featured Image

Top 5 Reasons to Fish Pike in SK

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Big Water, Small Water, Aggressive Pike are Everywhere

Saskatchewan has over 100,000 lakes (hard to believe someone counted, but they did) and most of them have Pike. But not all lakes are created equal. Some have the topography and food sources to be true Northern Pike trophy factories, producing plenty of rod-bending lunkers. You need to pick the right lakes. That’s why fishing lodges are built where they are, because that’s where you’ll find the fish. If you want to improve your chances of having that epic Pike fishing trip, start by making a plan with a Saskatchewan fishing lodge.

The Latin name for Northern Pike is Esox Lucius which translates to “water wolf”. It’s a fitting name for a fish that will hunt every species of fish in the water and nearly anything smaller than them floating on the water. Their aggressive feeding and territorial habits mean then will often strike lures of a wide variety.

Drive In, Fly In

Some of us like to return to fish where we know what to expect. Some of us are always seeking new adventures. Saskatchewan has a huge range of fishing lodges to choose from, including over 80 SCPO members. About half of these fishing lodges are located in the province’s far north and are fly-in only. That puts you in exclusive company, where the fish are plentiful, the boat traffic is scarce and the environment is pristine. You also have a choice of drive-in fishing lodges. You won’t sacrifice quality, just expect to see more anglers on the water.

The Head Shake

The first pull of a fish on your line always produces a surge of adrenaline. On many lakes in Saskatchewan, in the right location, you may be within a few hundred yards of a prime Pike fishing spot, a Walleye fishing hole, and Lake Trout. Knowing what is on the lure at the end of your line might not immediately be obvious, unless it is a strong Northern Pike. Pike often hit hard, hard enough to know it’s a Pike before you even set the hook. Then the head shaking begins. When a Pike is hooked, it clearly does not want to be hooked and will begin shaking your lure violently from side to side in an effort to either tear it apart or spit it out of it’s mouth. The distinctive head shake is a sure sign of a Pike, and not the pull of a Walleye or the dive to the depths of a Lake Trout.

If you are a fly fishing angler, Northern Pike are a fish you must put on your must catch list. Cast a flashy streamer in the vicinity and a hungry Pike will make a torpedo-like streak in the water headed for a violent ambush of your fly. A strong hook set then leads to a powerful head-shaking, splash-filled, battle characteristic of Pike. On a fly rod, every shake is amplified and working that big fish from the reel is what fly anglers dream about.

No matter your choice of rod and lure, a Northern Pike head shake is guaranteed to lose you a few fish as they shake loose. Combine the head shake with a mouth full of teeth and you will know why a steel leader is a standard piece of Pike fishing gear.

Professional Outfitters

The secret to a legendary Saskatchewan Pike fishing adventure is knowing where, when and how to locate the fish. Almost every body of water has Pike, but it takes experience and local knowledge to get the best out of the depths. Knowing the water, knowing the location of the Pike lairs, knowing their seasonal habits is often the difference between a good day on the water and a phenomenal Pike fishing trip. Local guides know the waters. Most of them grew up fishing these same waters and have been working as guides for years. You can’t ask for a better person to be guiding your boat.

The Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters (SCPO) is an industry-driven, not-for-profit association made up of licensed professional outfitters. Our members know the lay of the land, the whims of weather, the habits of local fish & game. As licensed professional outfitters they operate within a code of ethics and to a standard that ensures your hunting experience will be everything you expect. Outstanding hospitality. Unmatched, experienced guides. Ethical hunting and fishing practices.

Bragging Rights

Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, it seems like the sun is always up during Saskatchewan’s summers, especially in the north. We give you more daylight to pursue that trophy. The landscape is a ruggedly spectacular backdrop for your brochure-quality Pike fishing picture. The rewards come in the form of memories. The memories come in the form of rod-bending that will tire out your arms but also make you eager for a tug on the line that might come on the very next cast. Add in your best fishing buddies, truly outstanding hospitality and you have a northern Canadian fishing adventure with a full load of stories to tell. Until next year, when the pull of that big Northern Pike lures you back.

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