What to Expect from a Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

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What to Expect from a Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

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More than 80 Saskatchewan Fishing Lodges are SCPO members. About half of these are located in the far north area of Saskatchewan and are fly-in fishing lodges, which put you in exclusive company, where the fish are plentiful and the boat traffic is scarce. If you choose a drive-in location you won’t need to sacrifice quality, but expect to see more anglers on the water. Each fishing lodge offers a range of services from all-included packages to a more self-directed fishing adventure.

Species Variety

Some lakes are famous for a particular species of fish, but if you are fishing in Saskatchewan, one thing for sure, there’s more than one species of fish that could end up on the end of your line. Lakes and rivers in southern and central Saskatchewan are most known for Walleye and Northern Pike but also expect Perch, Whitefish, Goldeye, Rainbow Trout and possibly even Sturgeon or Sauger. As you travel further north, into deep lakes, Lake Trout become abundant and Arctic Grayling. Throughout the province there is one constant, hungry toothy Northern Pike are on the prowl for their next meal.

On the right lake, in the right location, you maybe within a few hundred yards of a prime Walleye fishing hole, a Northern Pike hot spot, and a prime Lake Trout feeding location. Many stories recount how anglers have caught all three species within a few minutes, using the same rod and lure.

Spectacular Scenery

The geography and topography of Saskatchewan is unmistakably rugged and amazingly picturesque. The cool fresh waters have their own underwater structure which is key to the habits of fish, but above the water line there is much to hold your interest as well. When we say rugged, we mean remote, rough, tough, and wilderness in the truest sense of the word. As you travel away from the comforts of the lodge, you quickly realize that these rocky shores are mostly inhabited by the forest animals, deer, elk, moose, bear, foxes, coyotes, wolves, beavers, rabbits, and many other creatures. It’s very common to see a variety of these animals at the lakeshore as you pass by. In many locations on the lake, you may be the only humans around for miles. This mostly untouched environment offers amazing views, ideal trophy picture backgrounds, and memories that will stay etched in your mind forever.

Mixed into this ruggedly beautiful landscape are well used shore lunch locations. These spots are well known to your fishing guides and are used for the mid day break. Some of these spots have been used for 50 plus years. At some point in time, a group of anglers such as yours piled up a ring of rocks for a fire pit, scrounged the woods for dry kindling and firewood, laid a cast iron skillet over the fire, and cooked a shore lunch of freshly caught fish for a lunch you can not experience anywhere else.

Start Early, Finish Late

A Saskatchewan summer sun shows up early in the day and sticks with you well into the night. Late into the night, gathered around the campfire, there is still sunshine at 11 pm and the north sky never seems to get completely dark. Even if you are an early riser, it’s tough to beat the summer sun. Daylight starts around 4 am. With this much daylight, there really isn’t an excuse for not having time to fish.

Modern Amenities

At most Saskatchewan Fishing Lodges, you will find many modern conveniences and comforts, often much more than you expected. Deep in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, your cell phone picks up the camp WiFi signal. After a hot shower, supper in the lodge, you can stay in touch with news, notifications, and emails. Many fly-in lodges are well out of the reach of cellular towers by are equipped with satellite phone service, availability is dependant on the camp. At high-end fishing lodges, you will be surprised at the level of luxury offered, from the skilled chefs, the hotel level comfort of cabins, on-site exercise rooms and even spa treatments. As one can expect, the price is often reflective of the luxuries available and Saskatchewan fishing lodges offer a range of value from budget-minded to full up-scale luxury.

Local Knowledge, Professional Guides

Local guides know the waters. Most of them grew up fishing these same waters and have been working as guides for many years. You can’t ask for a better person to be guiding your boat. Many of them have their favorite go to spots and their value shines through on those days when fishing might be tough for others but these guides know what tactics work in changing conditions and somehow always seem to know how to put a smile on your face and fish in the boat.

The Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters (SCPO) is an industry-driven, not-for-profit association made up of licensed professional outfitters. Our members know the lay of the land, the whims of weather, the habits of local fish & game. As licensed professional outfitters they operate within a code of ethics and to a standard that ensures your hunting experience will be everything you expect. Outstanding hospitality. Unmatched experienced guides. Ethical hunting and fishing practices.

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