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Saskatchewan Provincial Hunting Records

Provincial records are extremely hard to come by, some of them are nearly a century old. Others, in addition to being provincial records, are also world records. The oldest standing record in Saskatchewan dates back to 1920, the non-typical mule deer record of 290 0/8. (note: only Saskatchewan resident may hunt Mule deer in Saskatchewan).

Saskatchewan provincial hunting records for big game, including whitetail deer, moose, and black bear, use the Boone and Crockett scoring system. In Saskatchewan, the awards are known as the Henry Kelsey Big Game Records, named after a famous Saskatchewan explorer and historian. Complete information on the Saskatchewan provincial big game hunting records can be seen on the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation website. Images shown below are linked from the SWF site.


The provincial record moose measured 233 6/8 and was taken by Ray Hornseth in 1959.

Whitetail Deer

Perhaps the best known whitetail deer record is the “Hanson Buck”, taken by Milo Hansen. Since 1993 it has stood as the world record typical whitetail deer trophy with a score of 214 4/8.

The Saskatchewan record for Non-Typical Whitetail with a score of 265 3/8 dates back to 1957, taken by Elburn Kohler. It is the oldest standing record

Black Bear

The Saskatchewan record black bear was taken in 2012 by Steven Christie with a score of 22 14/16.


There are no official records for waterfowl species. Instead, we recommend you try and establish your own personal records or make up your own personal waterfowl hunting challenges. Some suggestions would include:

  • Time to legally shoot a limit of a certain species.
  • Time to legally shoot a limit of only drake mallards.
  • Time to legally shoot a limit of only blue-phase snow geese (a.k.a. eagleheads).

Professional Outfitters

The Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters (SCPO) is an industry-driven, not-for-profit association made up of licensed professional outfitters. Outfitters cover a number of species which may be hunted by non-Canadian residents including black bear, whitetail deer, moose, waterfowl and of all species of game fish. As experienced outfitters, the SCPO members spend more time afield and tend to be more familiar with the game species in their territories. This experience and knowledge increases the probability of being put in the right place to come across that next legendary big game animal. After that, the rest is up to you.

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If you’re a non-Canadian resident planning to hunt Whitetail Deer, Moose, or Black Bear in Saskatchewan, you must hunt with an outfitter. Click below to find your SCPO member outfitter.

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