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Saskatchewan covers over 250,000 square miles ranging from grasslands in the south to forest in the upper ½ of the province and artic tundra in the farthest north reaches of the province. Included in this extremely vast area are 100,000 lakes and rivers and an enormous variety of geological and biological diversity. This makes for some of the most unspoiled wilderness on the planet and of course our world-famous hunting.

Before travelling to Saskatchewan to hunt, there are often many questions that need to be answered for the traveller to feel prepared. Some questions have to do with hunting regulations, others with border crossing requirements, in both directions. We have assembled a number of pages that will help to provide this information.

We know you are investing money and time to visit our Province and we welcome you with the best hospitality we can offer and look forward to opening your eyes to the greatest outdoor experience many people will ever have. Beyond the information we are providing for you, our hundreds of hunting outfitters offer local guides with unparalleled local knowledge, experience, and access to the best hunting areas possible. Our outfitters have hosted thousands of travellers and they look forward to your time with us.

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