Top 5 Reasons to Hunt Black Bear in SK

Top 5 Reasons to Hunt Black Bear in SK - Featured Image

Top 5 Reasons to Hunt Black Bear in SK

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Big Bear, Big Bodies

Size matters when hunting for a black bear trophy. Of course, it does. Nobody listens to tales about a dog-sized black bear they travelled thousands of miles to hunt. Sitting in your stand on the first day of your Saskatchewan hunt, layered up with clothing to protect against the chill, you don’t pull the trigger on that little boar that stops broadside in your shooting lane. Sure, you lift your gun or bow and train the crosshairs on the vitals, just for practice. Practice in aiming and practice in moving slowly and quietly, but you know there are bigger bears in the woods around you. You have a score in mind. And your patience is rewarded with a black bear carrying the girth you dreamt about. After the hunt, you’ll remember how you felt when the bear went down, and just how heavy, how big the body on that trophy really was.

Saskatchewan bears grow big. They need to grow big bodies to survive through the long cold winter hibernation. After the hibernation, when leaves, berries, and scavenging provide an ample food supply, the bears add weight quickly and coats become thick and lush.

High Number of Color Phase Bears

The most popular color of black bears in Saskatchewan is, yes, black. But the chances to see a color phase bear are very high. Color phase bears include chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde colored bears. In some areas of the province the proportion of color phase bears is as high as 20%. Patience is obviously a virtue when hunt from a stand and waiting for a trophy quality color phase bear may take even more patience. Fortunately, many of the outfitters within SCPO make use of trail cams around their stands so knowing where that trophy is more likely to be is less of a guessing game.

Healthy Bear Population

In the early years of this decade, we had a couple of hard winters, even by Saskatchewan standards. The deep snow came early and continued to pile up, making it hard for many of the forest animals to forage for food. Cold temperatures and high wind chills on top of high snowfalls made for some tough years on some populations. The effects on the black bear population was minimal as black bears hibernate through the winter months and the extreme conditions are almost a non-factor.

From the southern forest fringes to the land of trees and meadows, you’ll find excellent hunting opportunities across the province.

Professional Outfitters

The Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters (SCPO) is an industry-driven, not-for-profit association made up of licensed professional outfitters. Outfitters cover a number of species which may be hunted by non-Canadian residents including black bear, whitetail deer, moose, waterfowl and of all species of game fish. Our members know the lay of the land, the whims of weather, the habits of local fish & game. As licensed professional outfitters, they operate within a code of ethics and to a standard that ensures your hunting experience is everything you expect. Outstanding hospitality. Unmatched experienced guides. Ethical hunting and fishing practices.

Bragging Rights

With each hunting trip, there’s a story to be told. Not just about the hunt story, but also the destination. Saskatchewan is a destination on many black bear hunters’ bucket lists. The bear hunt here is different than your home state. The weather can be harsh, the conditions more challenging, the landscape more rugged, but the rewards are far greater. And after a successful hunt, you’ll have earned the bragging rights to tell your Saskatchewan black bear hunting story.

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