Advice for the First Time Moose Hunter in Saskatchewan

Advice for the First Time Moose Hunter in Saskatchewan - Featured Image

Advice for the First Time Moose Hunter in Saskatchewan

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Never-Ending Scenery

Northern Saskatchewan is wilderness in the truest sense of the word. If you haven’t been here, you will have a tough time understanding and even if you live here, you will have a tough time describing the rugged, tough, beautiful, never-ending scenery of Saskatchewan. You are likely to see more animals than people. Make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone or camera. You’re going to use it up. It’s a place where the panoramic image of your mobile phone is going to get used a lot.

Rugged Terrain

People who are familiar with southern Saskatchewan are familiar with our wide-open spaces, endless views of endless horizons. For Moose hunters, your destination is further north, after the wide-open fields transition to the boreal forest of the northern half of our province. There are Moose to be seen in the southern half as well, but they are a rare sighting. The prime moose hunting territory is in the north. The land is covered with trees, brush, rocks, and most of our 100,000 lakes and rivers. But good news, your guides know this country, every dirt road, every marsh, every pathway, every creek. When out hunting, you may be the only human around for miles in any direction. No worries, your guide knows where you are.

Species Variety

We couldn’t talk about coming to Saskatchewan without talking about the rest of the animals wandering around in the forest. Along with plentiful moose, northern Saskatchewan is known for foxes, black bear, wolves, coyotes, whitetail deer, beavers, eagles, hawks, and many smaller animals. Black bears typically begin their winter hibernation in mid-October so it is possible you will cross paths with a few bears. They are typically shy and very wary creatures and avoid human contact as much as possible.

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Opportunities to be Patient

Every good hunter has learned the value of patience. That usually comes along with temptation. Sitting for hour after hour, waiting for the right time. Moose outfitters in Saskatchewan have been doing this for a long time. They have learned where the best places for hunting Moose are and many track the game in the area with trail cams. They put hunters in the best locations for a successful hunt. With forests that are abundant in Moose, the right opportunity requires recognizing the right time to pull the trigger. You are likely to see many Moose crossing your sight lines. Some cows, some calves, some young bulls, some good quality bulls. When “the one” stops broadside, you will know what to do. Hopefully, you have been patient enough for “the one”.

Make sure you are well accustomed to your weapon of choice before you set out on your hunt. When your trophy comes along, you will want to be able to end it cleanly. In the forest, you rarely will have a shooting distance of more than 200 yards, often ½ of that distance. Make sure you have practiced at all the incremental distances. Knowing the trajectory of your ammo will you help you accurately place that shot at the moment of truth. If you miss, it is highly unlikely that Moose will return to the same area this season.

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