Advice for the First Time Angler in Saskatchewan

Advice for the First Time Angler in Saskatchewan - Featured Image

Advice for the First Time Angler in Saskatchewan

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Wide-Open Spaces

When we say wide-open, we mean you can cast your line without worry about casting over the line of that boat that has parked right next to your boat. In fact, on many lakes, you may be fishing out of sight of any other boats. Seemingly the entire lake is yours. It’s a wonderful feeling. Fortunately, your guide knows the way back.

Multiple Seasons in a Day

If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour. A day in the outdoors in Saskatchewan can require a suitcase full of clothing. We recommend you start off wearing too much, too many layers, with a rain/wind proof layer on top. Your day starting at the dock, loading the float plane for a fly-out or the fishing boat for a closer destination can begin in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) with a slippery layer of frost to deal with on the docks surface. Even an early summer day in Northern Saskatchewan can start with a little overnight frost. That same day, starting below 0, can quickly climb to a plus 25 degree Celsius afternoon (75 to 80 Fahrenheit) and you will want your sunscreen. It will seem as if you have been through 3 seasons in a single day. Pay attention to the weather forecast and remember once you leave the dock, what you take with you is what you have for the day.

Along with summer in Saskatchewan, we offer a free first-hand experience in biting insect interaction. We feature a wide variety of airborne pests, from the harmless but annoying fish flies and caddis flies to biting insects such as mosquitos, wasps and black flies. Pack some bug spray in your gear bag. These pasts seem to be able to follow you from your shore lunch out on the water for hundreds of yards.

Daylight That Never Seems to End

The further north you go, the longer the period of daylight. At the start of summer, if you wake up after 4:00 am and go to bed to before 11:00 pm, you will always have daylight. In fact, the northern sky never goes completely dark. But we recommend at least a night or two staying up past the setting sun. If the northern lights are dancing that night, it’s a spectacular show and the night sky is incredibly brilliant without the light pollution of anyone else around for many miles.

Local Knowledge is Fishing Gold

You probably have your favorite collection of lures. Your go to lures. Some have far to many, their tackle boxes resembling everything from aisle 1 through 6 at their tackle shop back home. We suggest you leave most of those in the package and pick a couple lures per species, based on the advice of your guide. Who better to listen to than someone who has guided anglers to trophy after trophy on these same waters? If they suggest a combination of lure and bait, best to tie that one and get ready for the rod to bend.

Scenery at Every Turn

Wilderness in the truest sense of the word. If you haven’t been here, you will have a tough time understanding and even if you live here, you will have a tough time describing the rugged, tough, beautiful, never-ending scenery of Saskatchewan. If you drove up through the southern portion of the province, you will have seen fields that stretch forever, often without a hill to block the view of the horizon. Yes, truly, you can watch your dog run away for three days. The land is criss-crossed by multiple rivers and dotted with ponds, sloughs and lakes. It’s hard to drive in Saskatchewan for 15 minutes and not see a body of water. As you reach the northern edge of the grain belt, the fields give way to forests, more rivers, and the rest of our 100,000 lakes. You are likely to see more animals than people.

Make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone or camera. You’re going to use it up.

If you have the good fortune to be taking a plane ride over northern Saskatchewan, it’s an endless canvass of trees, rocks, and water, and occasionally a fishing lodge. From the ground, the water, or the air, it is a spectacular view, in every direction. You have to be here, to really understand.

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Species Variety

We couldn’t talk about coming to Saskatchewan without talking about the fishing. With more lakes than we are able to name, you have endless choices. We recommend taking aim at more than one species. Nearly every lake has multiple species of game fish and often it’s a change in location on the lake, finding different depths and structure, that lead to a change in species. Within a few hundred feet, it can be possible to catch three different species of game fish, on the same lure, if you listen to the advice of your guide who has fished these waters for many years. With less fishing pressure and carefully managed catch limits (including slot limits in some fisheries) the fish populations are healthy, plentiful, and the next trophy sized rod-bender may be just a cast away.

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