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Saskatchewan is home to many species of game fish. The most sought after game species are generally considered to be Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout. Due to colder waters, fish in Saskatchewan tend to have a slower growth rate than the same species further south. However, due to environmental factors including habitat and food sources, and lower fishing pressure, they are likely to live longer and grow larger. These factors are even more pronounced in northern areas where some bodies of water will see fewer than 100 anglers in a year.

There are many types of angling records, based on type of fishing tackle used, rod & reel, fly fishing, bow fishing, catch and keep vs catch and release and ice fishing vs open water fishing. The records we list below are all tackle, all methods records.

Please note, this page is not the official source for information on Saskatchewan angling records. The information gathered here is from several sources.

The angling records shown here are based on the weight of the fish. In recent years, a common practice has been to record the length and girth measurements of fish as opposed to weights as this places less stress on the fish and is usually a faster method leading to faster release to the water and lower fish mortality rates. Where available, we have included the lengths in the chart below.

Saskatchewan Provincial Angling Records

Species Record Weight Length Body of Water Year Caught
Arctic Grayling 4lb 5oz Fond du Lac River 1966
Brook Trout 7lb 5oz Loch Leven 2004
Brown Trout 17lb 12oz Piprell Lake 1987
32lbs 38“ Lake Diefenbaker 2018
Burbot 25lb 2oz Lake Diefenbaker 2010
Channel Catfish 14lb 2oz Qu’Appelle River 1998
22 lbs 35” Crooked Lake 2016
Common Carp 39.5” Valport 2016
Cutthroat Trout 6lb 10oz Little Raspberry Lake 1996
Lake Trout 51″ Lake Athabasca 1995
Largemouth Bass 24″ Boundary Reservoir
Northern Pike 47lb 5oz 55.5” Mirond Lake 2008
Rainbow Trout

(World Record!)

48lb Lake Diefenbaker 2009
Sauger 7lb 13oz South Saskatchewan River 1990
Splake 13lb 4oz Fern Lake 1988
Lake Sturgeon 270lb 0oz South Saskatchewan River 1962
Tiger Trout 5lb 15oz Little Jackfish Lake 1998
Walleye 18lb 4.8oz 36.5” Tobin Lake 2005
Lake Whitefish 11lb 8oz Sturgeon Lake 1973
Yellow Perch 2lb 7.4oz Pagan Lake 1991
15 3/8” 2019

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